Our shelters are easily modified to suit the needs of anyone.  The handicapped and elderly no longer need to worry about finding accessible safety in the face of the storm. Since the hope is to only need to use the storm shelter in rare occasions; our standard storm shelters are pretty basic.  Including low voltage LED lighting, ventilation for fresh air and bench seating to make the shelter a very comfortable place to ride out a storm. However he sky is the limit because we build every inch!  Custom steel community shelters are completely upgraded to have a centralized electronic locking systems (for scenarios where there are multiple shelters located apart from one another), handicap accessibility, restrooms and more.  We’ve listed some of the features we commonly upgrade below but if there is something specific that you’d like and you don’t see it listed; don’t hesitate to ask.  We pride ourselves on making the best shelters in the world and we have yet to encounter a request that we couldn’t accomplish.

Handicap Accessible Staircases and Ramps
Storage Shelves or Safes
Water / Sinks / Plumbing
Restroom/Toilet (composting or traditional wet toilets)
Backup Generators
Weather/Emergency Radio
Remote Locking / Security
Secondary Exits
Emergency Phones
Bunk Beds



Being inside a shelter can be a stressful situation for everyone. This shelter was upgraded to have a full restroom. Including a sink, a shower with on-demand water heater and a composting toilet; occupants will have the comfort of private restrooms while in the shelter.