Our super shelters leave little evidence of the shelter once they are completely installed.  Unlike storm shelters of the past, these units sit completely beneath the surface (3ft to be exact) and only a hatch door is visible at ground level. This design won’t negatively affect the aesthetics of a campus allowing for new landscaping to be added post installation.

We also make every effort to minimize disruptions to your school during the installation process.  Although most school projects are planned so they can occur over the summer break while students and staff are away; there are times where installation during the school year is necessary.  That’s why all of our shelters are engineered and constructed off site.  Once the shelters are finished, they are shipped to your campus and arrive ready for installation.  Our standard super shelter can be completely installed over a single weekend.  Some upgrades such as adding restrooms or remote locking systems can extend standard installation times.  Be sure to discuss all upgrades with our representatives so you fully understand how these additions can impact the installation times.