storm-shelter-steel-2 steel-storm-shelter-1 TornadoShelter-SuperShelt

Every single shelter we build is designed with engineering and materials that greatly exceed the storm shelter standards published by FEMA and the National Storm Shelter Association.  Each project is custom built for the client. We don’t mass produce our shelters so every inch of the final product is engineered to specifically meet your needs. Although our residential underground shelter sizes range from 4’x8′ – 8’x10′; we custom fabricate our storm shelters to any floor plan or layout you like! This ensures we make the client completely happy and satisfied with the purchase.

PRICING: Standard Residential

** All pricing includes standard staircase ** Delivery and installation costs not included


Standard storm shelters are pretty basic coming with a staircase, bench seating and ventilation for fresh air. Although the upgrades are endless with our steel storm shelters, we’ve listed some of the features we commonly upgrade below:

  • Adding Storage Shelves or Safes
  • Adding Generators
  • Adding Solar Panels
  • Adding Bunk Beds
  • Adding Water / Sinks
  • Adding LED Lighting
  • Adding A Restroom/Toilet (composting or traditional)
  • Adding Weather/Emergency Radio
  • Adding Remote Locking / Security
  • Adding Secondary Exits



Steel acclimates to the temperature of the ground by expanding and contracting slightly. The flexible nature of steel makes it the perfect material to build underground structures from. Our steel storm shelters are coated with rubberized coating which stops corrosion guaranteeing the shelter will last for generations. There is no worrying about typical issues like corrosion, cracks, mold, moisture or collapses due to exposure to the weather and earth. With our steel shelter there is also no unsightly 3ft hill in your yard. These shelters sit below the earth’s surface and are the SAFEST option in a tornado or extreme weather.

The units pictured below are common storm shelters available in every size (ranging from 4×8 to 10×50). Our standard tornado shelter includes staircases, bench seating and ventilation.


storm-shelter-steel-2 steel-storm-shelter-1 TornadoShelter-SuperShelt

9-SteelStormShelter storm-shelter-hatch storm-shelter-staircase2

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storm-shelter-steel-fab1 storm-shelter-steel-fab2 storm-shelter-steel-fab3