Specifically designed for use at schools and campuses; our all steel above and below ground tornado shelters are the best by far. These massive, high capacity shelters can hold hundreds of students each and are designed to withstand any tornado. These are perfect for existing schools and even better for new construction. Centrally located, these all steel storm shelters can protect an entire school of students and faculty. RSC makes every shelter affordable, reliable and built to last. We also offer many different upgrades to make a great shelter even better (see our prices and plans). Rest assured, we will do everything within our power to build your school a high quality shelter that will not only be the best you can buy, it will meet or exceed all your expectations.

Volume pricing is also available. Please call (903) 804-3774 for more details, questions or design options.


RSC builds the best tornado shelters available and we’ve been doing it for over 13 years. With more than a decade of experience building underground shelters; RSC has a resume’ you can trust and rely on. Companies like Solar Turbine, Caterpillar and others depend on us and you can too. Our shelters are built for quality in every aspect of the fabrication. We engineer our storm shelters out of solid steel because it produces the best end product, not because it’s cheaper or easier. Using steel is more difficult and more costly than alternative materials but our focus is protecting and saving lives.  Cutting corners for the sake of increasing our profit margin is simply not an option for us.




Every tornado shelter we build exceeds every FEMA requirement set fourth in the 320 & 361 guidelines as well as the 2008 standards from ICC500/FEMA. Our steel shelter’s specially engineered design uses quarter inch plate steel for the walls floor and roof. This greatly exceeds the minimum requirements by FEMA as well as the American Society of Civil Engineers wind loads on structures guidelines. The Rising S tornado super shelter is designed to last generations underground free of leaks, corrosion, cracking and other problems typically associated with underground shelters. These storm shelters provide the first line of defense to your family, work crew, staff and student body during chaotic storms. The units also serve as a great way to protect irreplaceable possessions or important documents. Call us today to discuss options associated with the our storm shelter. You never know when mother nature will roar…. all you can do is prepare. It’s not a matter of “IF” storms will come, it’s a matter of “WHEN” the storms will come. 

Watch The Video Below For More On the Installation Process

A Tour Inside The Shelter